Local residents' associations and community groups have participated in a series of Forum meetings organised by the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service to give feedback on the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan (NECAAP).  The full Issues and Options consultation document is available HERE.

It entails relocation of the sewage works at Milton in order to redevelop a large area south of the A14 down to Cambridge North station and including the Science Park. The idea is to have a dense urban development. This would use a new approach to have residences, workplaces and facilities mixed at a small scale of granularity all within walking/cycling distance. It could result in a new community the size of Ely (up to 18,000 people) living in high-rise accommodation at the northern end of Milton Road.

There are many complex issues that have been considered. In the absence of any formal minutes of the Forum meetings the community participants have now produced a REPORT compiled from their own note-taking and recall of the discussions.  We believe it is important that this is shared widely.

NOTE: If developers fail to mitigate potential problems mentioned in the report then there could be considerable impacts. See this link for a recent example locally: