Need help with your consultation response?

The Milton Rd RA has conveniently shared with us some useful advice on what you might want to include in your response to the Milton Rd plan.


The consultation ends on Monday 15 February 2016.

Please let the City Deal know your views by filling in the Questionnaire but remember you don’t need to answer all the questions.


We have been assured that general comments will be read and analysed. However, in practice, this means that the reader will pick out key points and then total them. If you agree with any of the following, please do mention them in either the comments box on the questionnaire or in any sheet you attach.

Here are some of the points you can raise

  • Preserve trees and verges and improve the environment
  • Keep the Milton Road/Elizabeth Way roundabout
  • Do not restrict vehicular access to and from Union Lane or Highworth Avenue
  • Do not ban left turn onto Kings Hedges Road
  • Do not ban right turn into Gilbert Road or Arbury Road
  • Keep two-directional cycle path on north side of Milton Road
  • Reduce congestion by re-siting bus stops
  • Have local buses that serve the residents
  • Ensure effective drainage on roads
  • Ensure safe passage to all schools by foot or cycle
  • No commuter parking
  • Consider the Alternative Ideas raised at the meeting on 21 January.


You can also write a letter to

City Deal Team, SH1311, Shire Hall Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AP

or send an email to