Not content with removing the seat of democracy in the county from Cambridge to Alconbury, the County Council is now set to abolish the Cambridge Joint Area Committee (CJAC) - another example of the County Council stripping away local democracy from our city councillors and denying residents an opportunity to engage in decisions affecting their lives. This is a significant change being pushed through during Covid lock-down at meetings where members of the public are barred from appearing to present their case.

At yesterday's online meeting of the county's Constitution and 'Ethics' committee, appeals from the leader of Cambridge City Council and deputy-leader of South Cambs District Council, and thirty-nine written submissions, to delay and allow time for a proper consultation, were swept aside and ignored by the ruling majority.  It was particularly shocking to hear that Cambridge City Council had received no prior consultation on this issue!

The proposal will now go forward to a full county council meeting on 19th May for final decision.  If the ruling majority decide again to vote along party lines then matters to do with traffic regulation orders, local highways improvements, parking schemes, pedestrian crossings, vehicle access/loading restrictions, cycle parking etc will be decided by a committee at Alconbury dominated by councillors from outside the city and without the benefit of local knowledge and pre-scrutiny from the existing CJAC process.

A petition has been organised HERE.

The Chair of HPERA wrote the following email to the Chair of yesterday's online meeting:

A reply has been received.