City Deal meeting Thursday 9 June 2016 at 2.30pm

On Thursday 9th June at 2.30pm the Executive Board Meeting will be at Meadows Community Centre, St Catharines Road/Arbury Road. It is open to the public.

The Joint Assembly voted to endorse the ‘Do Something’ proposals for Milton Road and amongst the recommendations are:
* Replacement of the Elizabeth Way/Highworth Ave roundabout with traffic lights
* 4 lanes (ie 2 bus lanes) between Hurst Park Avenue and Oak Tree Avenue
* Union Lane closed off for access in and out of East Chesterton and the Union Lane Emergency Medical Centre
* Loss of 105 trees
* A no right-turn into Elizabeth Way from Milton Road is going to be considered
* The closure of Highworth Avenue is to be reconsidered

And all this for a TWO minute saving on a bus journey time using a bus lane...

If you would like to raise a question by email to no later than 10am on Wednesday 8th and then ask it in person or nominate someone to read it for you.

The agenda for the meeting is here: