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A CITY OF TWO TALES - Cambridge Independent article on North East Cambridge

Views from HPERA Chair Andrew Milbourn and others on the proposals for a high-rise, high density new settlement at the north end of Milton Road in this Cambridge Independent article.

Also see our PRESENTATION slides for more information.

Press Release


NEW CONSULTATION - North East Cambridge Area Action Plan - closes 5th Oct 2020

The North East Cambridge Area Action Plan (NECAAP) entails relocation of the sewage works at Milton in order to redevelop a large area south of the A14 down to Cambridge North station and including the Science Park. The idea is to have a dense urban development. This would use a new approach to have residences, workplaces and facilities mixed at a small scale of granularity all within walking/cycling distance. It could result in a new community the size of Ely (up to 18,000 people) living in high-rise accommodation at the northern end of Milton Road.

There are many complex issues that have been considered in some preliminary forum meetings. In the absence of any formal minutes the community participants produced a REPORT in Nov 2019 compiled from their own note-taking and recall of the discussions.

More recently a PRESENTATION by HPERA residents following publication of the formal public consultation was given online with SUGGESTED RESPONSES.

The consultation documents and online response form are available HERE - to be completed by 5th October 2020.

Many FAQs are addressed HERE and online Q&A webinars are listed HERE.

Roundabout Landscape Design - opinion survey

Local company REDGATE SOFTWARE has sponsored the planting on the Highworth/Elizabeth Way roundabout for many years.

With the GCP redevelopment of Milton Road due to start in 2021, Redgate have commissioned a new landscape design for the roundabout with an emphasis on ecology and biodiversity. They will also meet the costs of installation and ongoing maintenance.

The initial design concept is shown here  and Redgate are keen to get feedback from the local community to help develop the final design.

History of the Hurst Park Estate

Research into local archives by Rachel Aucott and Jim Smith and contributions from local residents have revealed a fscinating history of our local area.

Rachel and Jim's work can be viewed on their new website HERE


Not content with removing the seat of democracy in the county from Cambridge to Alconbury, the County Council is now set to abolish the Cambridge Joint Area Committee (CJAC) - another example of the County Council stripping away local democracy from our city councillors and denying residents an opportunity to engage in decisions affecting their lives. This is a significant change being pushed through during Covid lock-down at meetings where members of the public are barred from appearing to present their case.

At yesterday's online meeting of the county's Constitution and 'Ethics' committee, appeals from the leader of Cambridge City Council and deputy-leader of South Cambs District Council, and thirty-nine written submissions, to delay and allow time for a proper consultation, were swept aside and ignored by the ruling majority.  It was particularly shocking to hear that Cambridge City Council had received no prior consultation on this issue!

The proposal will now go forward to a full county council meeting on 19th May for final decision.  If the ruling majority decide again to vote along party lines then matters to do with traffic regulation orders, local highways improvements, parking schemes, pedestrian crossings, vehicle access/loading restrictions, cycle parking etc will be decided by a committee at Alconbury dominated by councillors from outside the city and without the benefit of local knowledge and pre-scrutiny from the existing CJAC process.

A petition has been organised HERE.

The Chair of HPERA wrote the following email to the Chair of yesterday's online meeting:

A reply has been received.


City Fibre Letter

The letter which should have been delivered to all households at least one week before the start of works - read it HERE


Local residents' associations and community groups have participated in a series of Forum meetings organised by the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service to give feedback on the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan (NECAAP).  The full Issues and Options consultation document is available HERE.

It entails relocation of the sewage works at Milton in order to redevelop a large area south of the A14 down to Cambridge North station and including the Science Park. The idea is to have a dense urban development. This would use a new approach to have residences, workplaces and facilities mixed at a small scale of granularity all within walking/cycling distance. It could result in a new community the size of Ely (up to 18,000 people) living in high-rise accommodation at the northern end of Milton Road.

There are many complex issues that have been considered. In the absence of any formal minutes of the Forum meetings the community participants have now produced a REPORT compiled from their own note-taking and recall of the discussions.  We believe it is important that this is shared widely.

NOTE: If developers fail to mitigate potential problems mentioned in the report then there could be considerable impacts. See this link for a recent example locally:



Arbury Play Park Hedge to be replanted

Following a consultation, the GCP has decided to replant the hedge along the boundary of the play area anfd the new cycle path  Work on this is expecetd in Autumn 2019.

See HERE for the final update.

Double Yellow Lines planned for Hurst Park Estate - open for comments until 19 Sep 2019.

The County Council has published plans to prevent vehicles from parking too close to road junctions and causing problems with visibility and safe access.

Any comments in favour or objections against (with reasons) should be sent to no later than 19th September quoting PR0576 Amendment No 47.

GCP CHOICES FOR BETTER JOURNEYS consultation launched - closes 31 March

A futuristic view of an integrated transport network and a wide-ranging discussion of options to reduce congestion including parking controls, workplace parking levy, pollution controls/charging, flexible road charging, etc

Brochure available HERE

Online information and questionnaire HERE

North East Cambridge AAP Consultation announced - closes 25 March

A huge re-development of the North-East Fringe of Cambridge, including re-location of the sewage works, is being planned.

It entails relocation of the sewage works at Milton in order to redevelop a large area south of the A14 down to Cambridge North station and including the Science Park. This had been called the Northern Fringe Project but it is now the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan. The idea is to have a dense urban development. This would use a new approach to have residences, workplaces and facilities mixed at a small scale of granularity all within walking/cycling distance. The planners have produced a 12-page summary to explain the development which can be viewed HERE.

They are also carrying out a number of consultation EVENTSand online responses can be made HERE.

There are a lot of complex issues, but here are some key ones to consider:
It Will be Very Big - The population could be similar to that of Ely (perhaps upto 18,000) so it is a lot bigger than, say, Orchard Park. It is also planned to include high rise development and no limit has yet been put on how high this will be.
Traffic Congestion - The top of Milton Road sometimes hits gridlock as it is, so the extra traffic does not bear thinking about. The planners have many worthy ideas to minimise car use on the development, but these are unproven.
No Mention of CAM Metro – Over a year ago the mayor’s consultants published indicative maps showing their proposed underground metro linking with Cambridge North/Science Park.  Where is it in these plans?
Facilities - If insufficient facilities are developed there will be an impact locally. Apparently it has already been decided not to build a secondary school and to absorb the new pupils into existing schools.
The Edges of the Development - The development borders on to disadvantaged parts of the city and it is not clear that these areas will be upgraded to deal with the new demands.
Developers and Implementation - Developers in Cambridge have been consistent only in always failing to deliver all of the promised facilities. Where they have been provided it has often been too late and too incoherent. It is difficult to see why things will be any different this time as it will take place under the same legislation and even with some of the same developers. These include Brookgate whose CB1 development has been so controversial. If the developers fail to mitigate potential problems then the issues mentioned above could have considerable impacts. See this link for a new example locally:

New Milton Rd consultation announced - closes 05 November

Greater Cambridge Partnership are holding three exhibitions to show more details of their latest plans for Milton Road. Officers will be present to answer questions and receive your feedback.

Consultation Brochure can be viewed HERE

Our views can be read HERE

Wed 26th Sept      Arbury Road Baptist Church                  4.00 – 7.00pm

Tues 9th  Oct         All Saints Church, Milton                       4.00 – 7.00pm

Tues 23rd Oct        St Georges Church, Chesterfield Rd     5.00 – 8.00pm

Letter from GCP Board to Combined Authority on the 'PAUSE'

The GCP Board seeks explanations and 'evidence base' for the Mayor's intervention in GCP transport plans.  Read more HERE.


New Policy Options Document to combat City Centre Congestion

GCP City Deal officers have published a document for consideration by the Executive Board at their meeting on 21st March. This marks a new. evidence-based approach to a long-standing problem of how to encourage modal shift away from cars, reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Milton Rd Local Liaison Forum presentation and video 30th Jan 2018

Project Update from GCP/City Deal officers following extensive workshops and detailed design meetings with residents and other stakeholders.

The officers' presentation is HERE.   Video of the meeting with Q&A session can be viewed HERE.

Combined Authority Board meeting video and reports 31st Jan 2018

This meeting included discussion of a consultants' report on the Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro (CAM) proposal and a vote to spend £600,000 an a further study by consultants to work up a Strategic Business Case document.

Controversy was sparked by the early leak of the report at the beginning of December and its late publication to the public prior to this board meeting.

The full video can be viewed HERE.  Public Questions HERE.  The AGENDA and key REPORTS can now be found HERE.

NEW DOCUMENT that appeared on the GCP website 01.02.18 after the Combined Auhority Board meeting.

Residents Parking FAQs

Residents in four areas of Cambridge (Newnham, Accordia, Coleridge West and Staffordshire) have voted in favour of having residents parking schemes implemented

FAQs from the consultations can be found HERE.

LLF WORKSHOPS Programme - Autumn 2017

A presentation made to the Milton Road LLF meeting on 12th September 2017.


Keeping Cambridge Special

GUIDED BUSWAY report on structural faults and potential costs

An independent report published by Smarter Cambridge Transport can be found HERE.

'FINAL CONCEPT' for Milton Road

This REPORT and Appendices D, E and F,G,H will go to the Joint Assembly for debate on 19th July and the Executive Board for decision on 26th July 2017.

The appendices include cross-section diagrams and visualisations at various locations along the road.

Consultants' Modified Concept for Milton Road

Presentation given at the Local Liaison Forum on 13th June 2017 can be found HERE.

City Deal response to our Do-Optimum plan revealed

At the Milton Road Local Liaison Forum meeting on 9th May 2017, City Deal's new Interim Director of Transport delivered his response to our Do-Optimum plan, and an update on the progress of the project.  His presentation can be viewed HERE.

A video of the whole meeting can be viewed HERE.

Candidates' responses to our election questionnaire now published

Preparation for Milton Road Election Hustings 27th April 7.00pm at Chesterton Community College.

Questions focused primarily on issues raised by City Deal's proposals for Milton Road and the alternative 'Do-Optimum' scheme developed by residents' groups, along with other challenges affecting local services, the environment and streetscape.

Thirteen of the nineteen candidates across four electotal divisions completed the survey:


HPERA opinion survey on parking controls now published

A summary of results with individual comments from residents can be viewed HERE.

The Milton Road Alliance - Will Milton Road Set the Standard?

Following initial public consultation on the Milton Road project, City Deal set up a Local Liaison Forum (LLF) to enable local people and interest groups to give input on more detailed aspects of their 'Do-Something' design.
A series of six workshops took place last autumn, and feedback from these led to a collaboration between HPERA, MRRA and CamCycle that has resulted in an alternative design for Milton Road.
The Milton Road Alliance team published this as the 'Do-Optimum' Alternative which was subsequently adopted formally by the LLF as a resolution to be presented to the City Deal Executive Board in March 2017 - subsequently postponed to June 2017.

The team has also published a more wide-ranging paper asking the question



This sets the scene for the Assembly Meeting on 7th June and the Executive Board Meeting on 15th June.

City Deal governance and project mgmt - an extraordinarily frank review by external consultants

This document highlights shortcomings in procedures and resources that many of us have experienced during the last year.  As a result the City Deal team is to be strengthened by the appointment of an Interim Chief Executive and various other posts.

Milton Road LLF passes resolution in favour of new alternative design


Milton Road Local Liaison Forum votes in favour of 'Do-Optimum' approach to road layout

The Local Liaison Forum for the Milton Road City Deal project passed a resolution* last night supporting the "Do-Optimum" design that has been developed by a working group from Milton Road Residents' Association (MRRA) and Hurst Park Estate Residents' Association (HPERA), working in collaboration with Camcycle.

The "Do-Optimum" alternative is a new proposal for the Milton Road scheme that shows how it is possible to incorporate priority for walking, cycling and public transport with an avenue of trees and green verges. The design includes features such as walking and cycling priority-crossings of minor side roads, cycle lanes separated from motor vehicles by trees within verges, a safe roundabout design that provides protection and priority for walking and cycling, comfortable bus stops that are designed to be fully accessible to persons with disabilities, and innovative bus "queue-jump" lanes that give buses a head-start at junctions.

This new proposal evolved out of the City Deal Local Liaison Forum workshops where groups of stakeholder residents and organisations were brought together by the officers to talk about the various elements of the City Deal scheme.

In their foreword to the resolution, the working group stated “This design offers a great opportunity for Cambridge to pioneer a welcoming, best-in-class, tree-lined gateway into the city that will transform the way people choose to travel, because it will provide a safe, calming and healthy environment for all modes of use.  From the evidence of the workshops it is very likely to attract majority support from local stakeholders and we believe that it meets the City Deal objectives to a greater degree than the Do-Something proposals.”

Matthew Danish from Camcycle (and a resident of Arbury living near Milton Road) attended the workshops and said that, "the most important thing was working together with residents and the various stakeholders to produce a shared vision for a better, greener, safer street for people of all ages and abilities. Together, and with the endorsement of the Local Liaison Forum, we offer the Do-Optimum proposal to the City Deal Board in the spirit of goodwill as a means towards achieving the goals of the City Deal."

Charles Nisbet, Chair of MRRA, welcomed  the decision to support this ground-breaking alternative design.  He said: "This is in so many ways an improvement on what the City Deal was proposing this time last year, which would have resulted in the destruction of Milton Road as we know it.  The Do-Optimum design will meet the City Deal's objectives of giving priority to bus travel and improving provision for walking and cycling in safety while providing visitors to our historic city with a beautiful, tree-lined entry. This proposal will go to the City Deal Assembly and Executive Board in March next year and we must keep up the pressure to ensure that the right decision is reached there."

Michael Page, Chair of HPERA stated “The ‘Do-Optimum Alternative’ has been the result of an amazing team effort from a disparate group of local residents brought together with one goal in mind – to produce a lasting legacy for Milton Road and the city of which we can all be proud.  The City Deal team have now been offered a great opportunity to take forward a plan that will win majority public support and set the tone for other projects around the city.”

For drawings or more information go to:  milton_road_do_optimum.pdf

Contact: Michael Page  Tel: 01223-365985
Chair, Hurst Park Estate Residents’ Association (HPERA)

Contact: Roxanne De Beaux Email:
Officer, Cambridge Cycling Campaign

* The resolution requested that the City Deal Board directs officers to develop the 'Do-Optimum' proposal in parallel with, or as an alternative to, the 'Do-Something' plans.

Decision Time for the M/Rd Local Liaison Forum Thurs 8th Dec 6.30pm Shire Hall

A public meeting in the Kreis Viersen room at 6.30pm when the Forum will have to decide its response to the officers' reports on the Milton Road workshops and will vote on resolutions to put to the City Deal Assembly and Executive Board. This will be an important opportunity for the Forum to try and influence the decisions that the Board will take in the new year on the future plans for Milton Road.

See our new design submission HERE.


City Deal Executive Board Thurs 10th Nov 4.00pm South Cambs Hall Cambourne

A meeting open to the public covering a wide-ranging agenda on City Deal matters and including petitions from members of the public and business community on the city-centre congestion proposals.

The agenda papers can be accessed HERE.

Local Liaison Form public meeting Tues 8th Nov at 6.00pm Chesterton Comm College

Officers and consultants will present a summary of the six Milton Road workshops held over the last two months. Residents and interested parties will then be able to study the documents produced and give feedback for a meeting on 22nd November which will decide on resolutions to be put to the City Deal Assembly and Executive Board.
An initial draft of the proceedings of the first four workshops can be found HERE