The Milton Road Alliance - Will Milton Road Set the Standard?

Following initial public consultation on the Milton Road project, City Deal set up a Local Liaison Forum (LLF) to enable local people and interest groups to give input on more detailed aspects of their 'Do-Something' design.
A series of six workshops took place last autumn, and feedback from these led to a collaboration between HPERA, MRRA and CamCycle that has resulted in an alternative design for Milton Road.
The Milton Road Alliance team published this as the 'Do-Optimum' Alternative which was subsequently adopted formally by the LLF as a resolution to be presented to the City Deal Executive Board in March 2017 - subsequently postponed to June 2017.

The team has also published a more wide-ranging paper asking the question



This sets the scene for the Assembly Meeting on 7th June and the Executive Board Meeting on 15th June.