About and contact


The Hurst Park Estate Residents' Association covers the area in North Cambridge shown below:


The following streets are included:

  • Hurst Park Avenue
  • Orchard Avenue
  • Highfield Avenue
  • Leys Avenue
  • Leys Road
  • Highworth Avenue
  • Mulberry Close


To contact the Hurst Park Estate Residents' Association, please email to:  contact@hpera.co.uk.

Other email addresses:

The Association is managed by a committee elected under a constitution that was adopted at the inaugural Annual General Meeting on 24th April 2016.

The committee consists of:

  • Michael Page - Chairman
  • Mary Pountain - Secretary
  • Richard Cushing - Treasurer
  • Luke Tunmer - webmaster
  • John Beasley
  • Andrew Milbourn
  • Hilary Goy
  • Jane Wheatley


The HPERA Constitution


can be found here:


  and was adopted by unanimous vote at HPERA's first AGM on 24th April 2016.